Easy Beaded Elastic Bracelet with Tassel Charm

I love junk jewelry! It’s so much brighter than gold and silver. And even though gold and silver have more value, junk jewelry just gives you more pizazz! Side note: I call fake jewelry junk jewelry because my mom has always referenced her wall of junk jewelry hanging as that. Just kind of stuck.

Jewelry that’s fake clearly has no real value, but is sure is expensive and I just can’t justify paying $40 for 2 beaded bracelets at a store. No sir! And so time and time again I end up just making my own pieces of bling. Follow my tutorial on how to make an easy beaded elastic bracelet with tassel charm for any occasion you want. Easy Beaded Elastic Bracelet with Tassel Charm


  • 2 Chain nose pliers (I improvised with a wire cutter)
  • Glass beads
  • Thread for Tassels (Mine are premade)
  • 4 mm jump ring
  • Plastic jump ring
  • Elastic cord
  • Scissors (Not pictured)The best part, I got all my craft supplies from WalMart which keeps my wallet a little fuller! Another cheap and crafty DIY you want to check out is my Long Suede Necklace DIY for Less.

Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm


    1. Start out by measuring your wrist. You can do this with measuring tape, but I just wrapped my elastic cord around me and then added 3 inches. You’ll want to add length for tying it off and adding the right amount of beads to your cord.
    2. Next, knot your elastic cord at one end and start stringing your beads on.
      Get the look you want. I added all 4 different galaxy beads to the end of this bracelet to give it extra flair.Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm
    3. Once you’ve added all your beads and tested it to your wrist, tie off the other end you were threading the beads on.
      Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm
    4. Tie the two ends together and then double knot the ends to make the elastic band more secure. Then, cut off the strings. To ensure your bracelet won’t break in the future, super glue the knot.
      Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm
    5. Take the thread and cut a piece off that you want to use for later. Start looping the rest of the thread around your three fingers.
      I have a few hundred tassels that are already premade so I don’t have this step pictured.
      Once you have the desired amount of threaded loops around your fingers, take the piece of thread you cut off early and loop that thread through all the loops on your fingers. Tie it off and then wiggle the thread off of you. Then, tie off a section lower to create that bun at the top. Once you’ve completed that you’ll want to grab your scissors and cut along the bottom of the thread. You’ve just made your own tassel!
      Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm
    6. Bend open your plastic jump read and thread that through the bun of your tassel. Then slip on the smaller jump ring and close the plaster one after that’s complete.
      Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm
      Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm
    7. Open up the 4mm jump ring with your pliers and attach it to your bracelet.

Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Charm

Quick, simple, and pretty! Best of all you’ve got a brand new bracelet for about $6.

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