DIY for Less – Long Suede Necklace

I was online shopping the other day and I saw a simple long suede knot necklace with white pearl beads. It was boho chic and I wanted to buy it, but then I saw the price tag on it—a whopping $35! Now, I think that’s a lot to spend on costume jewelry and especially something as simple as this necklace, it was over priced. Seriously, there wasn’t anything fancy about it or had any sort of hard jewelry design or crafting to it. There were no wires, glass, metal, silver, gold, etc. It was a few knots and some plastic beads for crying out loud. This inspired me and got me thinking, I could do my own DIY for less of a long suede necklace. I went out and bought some suede cord and beads for my project.DIY for Less – Long Suede Necklace


  • Suede cord – I decided on brown like the original necklace I saw.
  • Beads – I chose wood beads. They were cheaper and I didn’t mind my necklace being different.
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

DIY For Less-Long Suede Necklace Materials

Step 1.

Measure the cord to where you would like the necklace to hit you. I measured past my belly button because I knew I would tie it in a knot, making it shorter. I started off with 10ft of brown suede cord and realized I wanted mine to be fuller, so I intertwined a lighter brown cord into my piece. There was about 20ft of cord altogether.

Step 2.

Take the cord and fold it in half—this put me at 60in (5ft). Then, I put the cord behind my neck, measuring it out on my body to make sure I liked the length of the necklace.

DIY For Less - Long Suede Necklace Measuring

Step 3.

Tie the knot. Take both pieces in each hand and find a low spot where you want your knot to be. Grab the spot you want the knot with one hand. Take your bottom hand holding onto the end pieces of the cord and bring both end pieces up together to tie your knot. Wrap the cord around your finger, creating a hole and bringing that end pieces through the hole. Pull down on the cord to secure the knot.

When I decided I wanted my necklace a little fuller with the cord it was at this step I untied my necklace and repeated the steps. I intertwined my 2 cords, the light brown and the dark brown.

Step 4.

Cut the looped pieces. (This picture is just the darker brown cord I started out with.)

DIY For Less - Long Suede Necklace Cutting

Step 5.

String the beads. Each dangling piece of cord got 2 beads: one for the top (where the big knot was) and one for the bottom. I would string a bead and tie a knot right under it. Then I would leave some space, and put another bead on and tie the knot at the end. I wanted mine to be different and that’s why I chose wood beads in different shapes and colors.

DIY For Less - Long Suede Necklace Beading

Step 6.

Wear it with your favorite outfit.

DIY For Less - Long Suede Necklace

This was way too easy and for only $5! By doing a DIY for Less – Long Suede Necklace, I saved $30 not buying the necklace I originally saw and my copycat necklace looks just as good, if not better. Goes to show you what you can do when you do it yourself!

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