Getting Adult Braces – My Second Time Wearing Braces

Getting Braces as an Adult

I’m almost 30 years old and I decided to get braces… again! My parents were able to afford braces for my siblings and me, #Blessed! So for 3 ½ years, I had a mouth full of metal – it was awful, but I’m  grateful I was able to have braces. Especially now since I know how much they cost.

After my braces were removed, I had a glued-in wire on the bottom of my teeth and was told I needed to wear a top retainer nightly.

Beware: Dogs Love Retainers

When I graduated college, my dear sweet dog Seena, got ahold of my retainer and chewed it to bits. I knew I needed to make an appointment to purchase a new one, but I put it off… for just about a month. It didn’t seem like a long time, but I got an ear full when I finally made an appointment with the orthodontist.

First Orthodontist

At my appointment with the orthodontist, he told me that I needed top and bottom braces again because my teeth were starting to protrude out like a horse. I was so mad and upset that I walked straight out of the office to call my mom.  She knew exactly what to say to make me feel better (Thanks, Mom!) and told me we would see a new orthodontist for a second opinion.

Second Orthodontist

My mom came with me (yes, I needed her there to hold my hand!) and made sure she told the orthodontist my last experience. He was kind and gave me the option to do top braces because of a centimeter of movement on my incisor, or go with a retainer; he left the decision with me.

At the time, I didn’t want to be 22-years old wearing braces. After thinking for about 15 minutes thinking if I should or shouldn’t get braces, I finally decided to just get a retainer.

I Should Have Gotten Braces…

The horse teeth comment lingered in my head, and I started to notice the movement of my top incisor more and more. To add onto the movement, my front two teeth were chipped as a little girl ( a nice little mountain peak in the middle of my smile) and it was about the time that the bonding on them was starting to discolor where I would need to get them redone.


The Botched Job

I schedule a dentist appointment and didn’t have any fear because I’ve had this repaired several times in my life by dentists. The dentist numbed me with a shot, which was unusual because no other dentist had ever, but I thought, “He’s the expert,” and let it go on.

After about 30 minutes of the bonding process, my dentist finishes. He leaves and the hygienist hands me a mirror. I FREAK THE @#$% OUT! I start stammering, “My teeth! They are longer! One tooth is on top of another!” The hygienist assures me they are beautiful but gets the dentist.

The dentist comes back in and addresses my problems and informs me that he didn’t make my teeth longer, but he will shorten them. He leans me back in the chair, and this is the best part, says, “You have to remember it’s not always going to look the same.” He finishes. I jump from the chair to go pay and leave. As I’m almost running to my car, I start calling my mom like a crazy person. I tell her I’m bleeding from where he cut my gums and one tooth is over the other. She calms me down and tells me to go see her dentist (which is near me) and he can fix it.

Botched by dentist
Before picture of when the dentist messed up my front two teeth


The Repair

The second dentist immediately gets me in and fixes the mess the other guy created. I walked out of his office taking a selfie! 🙂

Fixed Bonding
After picture of bonding being fixed

After All This Trauma, You Want To Do More?

At this point, I was over teeth, but with all this attention to my smile, I was getting more self-conscious. I decided to schedule consolations with some orthodontists. Now, if you know me or you’ve seen pictures of me, you’d probably see nothing wrong with my smile, but here’s the thing, I notice something wrong. I’m always taking pictures with my left side showing because I don’t like how my smile looks on the right. I also notice my bottom back teeth turning down which isn’t good. I decided for myself I wanted braces again.


Going into these consolations is a little disheartening. I had braces before and I was being told how awful my teeth were and how much adjusting needed to be done when I’ve always been told I have a beautiful smile. I just wanted to make some adjustments to my smile because I am unhappy with my right incisor.

The final consolation I went to, the orthodontist seemed to get it. He, in fact, was the only one to say, “You have a big smile, and I like that!” I signed the paperwork and went in for my next appointment to get Invisalign.

Me paying for bracesWhy Invisalign?

I decided on Invisalign because I didn’t want a mouth full of metal – been there, done that. For me, having metal or ceramic braces at almost 30 with a full-time job didn’t shout adult! Plus, I wanted to avoid questions on a daily basis. People do tell me a lot that I have a beautiful smile, but there are certain things I’m not happy with. By getting Invisalign, I could still look like an adult and avoid about 80% of the questions.

Let’s Do It

After my x-rays and watching an animated video of where my teeth would be moving, we started impressions – which aren’t fun. You have this huge mouth-guard with goo on it, where they shove it in your mouth and let it sit until it hardens. This process repeats for good four times so they can get the perfect imprint of your teeth. Check out my other post of the Pros and Cons of Wearing Invisalign.

Invisalign impressions
Invisalign impressions and I look so cute. 😉

After the impressions you’re sent home to wait until they call you, informing your trays are here.
This has been a long road deciding on getting braces again. As an adult with a career, the last thing you want to do is look like a kid, and metal braces will do that to you. I want to feel good about my smile again; I’m over covering my mouth when I laugh and posing for pictures on a certain side. Invisalign is the best option for me to start feeling more confident again.


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