How To Give Your Poodle Breed a Haircut

After spending $50 to 60 every 2 months at the dog groomer for my Malti-Poo Seena, I decided I needed to learn how to do give my dog a haircut myself. With Poodle hair tending to mat, Seena was enjoying spa day every time she visited: brush and bath, nail trim, ear clean, teddy bear head, etc.

As much as I was paying, I didn’t always love the haircut. Sometimes I liked what they had done and other times I would need to go buy her a sweater because they had shaved her so much. After serval bad haircuts, I bought a pair of dog clippers and decided to give it a go and got pretty good at it. Ready to learn how to give your poodle breed a haircut?

There’s no one-way to give your Poodle breed a haircut because there are so many crossbreeds of Poodles and people prefer different things for their pet’s coats. But if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option and hair will grow back.

This may be a post for how to give your poodle breed a haircut, but you can use the same strategies for grooming any type of dog. 

How to Give your Poodle Breed a Haircut:

Here are some things to consider before you plug in your clippers and go to work.

What’s Your Poodles Coat Type?
Maybe you have a purebred Poodle or maybe you have a mix like me. While most poodle breeds have curly hair, consider your dog’s coat and take into account if they are mixed. Cutting your dog’s hair is about your personal preference, but knowing more about the needs of their coat can help you.

Shorthaired dog – These types of dogs don’t need a haircut. They still shed, so make sure you brush your dog daily in order to get rid of the loose hairs.

Longhaired Dogs – Breeds that require a lot of maintenance and will need to be brushed and trimmed often. My Seena is half Maltese and she falls into this category. The preferred cut is long and touches the floor, but consider the heat and the ease of shorter hair.

Curly haired dogs – A common Poodle needs to be groomed and trimmed often. You will also want to brush your dog a lot in order to prevent matting in their curls. It’s much to groom your dog when you can avoide mats.

Wirehaired dogs – The stiff hair of these breeds doesn’t have to be trimmed often but can be trimmed easily with clippers.

Tools You’ll Need

How to give your Poodle breed a haircut
Clippers, comb, Scissors, 3 and 4 attachments
How to give your Poodle breed a haircut
Fine tooth brush, rake brush, and comb

Giving Your Poodle Breed A Haircut

Remember, to go slow and less is more. You can always go back and clean and cut more.

How to give your Poodle breed a haircut
Before – She looks terrified!
  1. Brush – Get rid of any loos hair easily by brushing your dog. If you come in contact with a mat try to brush it out but if you see that it’s stubborn, don’t keep pulling on it and hurt your dog. Use your small comb and work it out easily. If the mat is really bad, you’ll have to cut it out with scissors and then make the haircut look even by trimming your entire dog with clippers later. Grab the clippers and put a sized comb on it. I use a 3 all over her body and a 2 at her face. I work from the back up when grooming. My dog isn’t a fan of dog clippers, so in order to calm her I get her use to he buzzing sound before reaching her face.
    How to give your Poodle breed a haircut
    This is how much hair was just combed off.
  2. Butt, Back, and Sides – As your combing up through the hair with the clippers, try not to pull any hair up with your other hand, just glide your clippers through the hair. If you’re constantly grabbing pieces and holding them up this will create and uneven cut.Glide through the body and the sides of their body. Try not to work in lines when you’re clipping the hair on the sides. Use a diagonal motion and blend the hair together.
    How to give your Poodle breed a haircut
    Start from the back up.
  3. Tail – If your dog has a longhaired tail like mine, brush through it again and take your scissors to trim it. Hold the tail up and let all the hair fall down. I then take my scissors and follow my imaginary line to trim off any hairs. I trim the top length of her tail too.
  4. Legs, Neck, and Stomach – Trim the back and then front legs. Go all the way up the chest through the neck reaching their chin. If you can flip your dog on their back to do her stomach and their inner legs, this is easiest. If you are unable to get them on their back, just lift one leg at a time and trim the hair.
  5. Paws – Clean up the paws when your dog is standing. Grab your scissors and start cutting around the nails circling the paw. Then pick up your dog’s paw and trim the hair between their padding. You can take the comb off your clippers to run it over the paw pad getting any loose hairs here.
    how to give your poodle breed a haircut
    Before cutting around the paw.
    how to give your poodle breed a haircut
    After cutting around the paw.
    how to give your poodle breed a haircut
    Before cutting around the paw pad.
    how to give your poodle breed a haircut
    After cutting around the paw pad.
  6. Private Parts – Clip any private areas with scissors. And get really close on their backside so nothing sticks later.
  7. DON’T FORGET to give treats and plenty of praise!
  8. Face and Ears – This is a sensitive area so be very careful trimming your dog’s face and ears. Take the clippers and trim the top of the head, combing up. Comb each side of the face gliding up and working on top of the nose and the part under the eyes. Take scissors and trim underneath the eyes and on top of the nose. Brush the ears up like you’re making a ponytail and trim the top with scissors. Flip one ear over where the inner ear is exposed and clean out the hair in the ear, trimming it with scissors. Do the same on the other side.
  9. Stand back and give your fur baby a look. Trim and clean up any areas as you see fit. Go through your dog’s coat with scissors—if need be—to blend the hair together.
  10. After you’ve completed your dog’s haircut give them a bath so their coat will be nice and fresh.

    Personal note: I don’t clip Seena’s nails anymore because she jerks away from me and I’m afraid of hurting her, so I pay the $7 to get that done. Also, consider a professional to trim your dog’s nails because there is a technique in not cutting them short or drawing blood.

how to give your poodle breed a haircut


What Do You Think?

how to give your poodle breed a haircut

How was it? The first time Seena got a haircut it looked as if I was trying to cut gum out of her fur. I only scissors and it was awful. It gets better once you have some guidance and you’ll learn more with each haircut you do. It still takes me about an hour to give Seena a haircut but I can honestly say I like her haircuts so much better now than before. And I get to keep my money! Yay!

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