Invisalign Progress with Before and After Photos

nvisalign Progress with Before and After Photos

For 6 long months, I’ve been dealing with wine stained trays, soreness, brushing my teeth between everything I eat, and awkward moments of having to take out my trays in front of people, but it’s been worth it.

Here is my Invisalign progress with before and after photos.

Invisalign Progress with Before and After Photos

My before picture is a little fuzzy, I was really embarrassed and edited all my pictures.You may not be able to notice much difference at first, but my top incisor has moved, as well as my teeth have been pushed back and don’t buck out as much.

The orthodontist filed in-between my teeth to create space because of an overcrowding issue. And he made space between my two front teeth that have now been closed.


  • My teeth are usually sore, especially first thing in the morning and my sensitive teeth make chewing food difficult when I take them out. And having to rubber bands doesn’t help with the sensitivity.
  • The trays make me lick my lips a lot more (not sure why) and they stay chapped and cracked.
  • When I have to switch out my aligners for new ones they are extremely tight, so tight that they actually cut into my gums.
  • I still don’t like having my aligners out of my mouth because my bottom teeth still have some gaps.
  • Forget bleaching your teeth if you have attachments. Those little Crest White Strips don’t stick on over your glued on teeth attachments, so just forget about it.

nvisalign Progress with Before and After Photos


  • My confidence has definitely increased. I noticed I don’t really have a “side” anymore when taking a picture. Before I knew I needed to be on my left side, and I’d usually delete the picture dead on.
  • It’s gotten a lot easier to maintain my aligners and I know what I need to do to prevent staining, a.k.a. the straw.
    nvisalign Progress with Before and After Photos
    Clearly been drinking… Withs?

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce drinking wine through a straw.


  • I’m super happy that I decided to get Invisalign. Looking back at old pictures, I realized how much I was hiding.


  • I usually put my trays back in right after eating without brushing. I use to religiously brush before putting my trays back in, but there are times I either forgot, didn’t have my toothbrush, or it just became a hassle. Yes, I still should brush my teeth between meals because it prevents food getting locked in my teeth and the tray creating cavities and people seeing my lunch. I’ll do better.
  • Wearing my trays for 22 hours—I know, big mistake. Sometimes, when I get home for dinner I take them out and then don’t put them back in until bed. I probably wear them a total of 18 hours and I need to improve.
  • Remembering to wear my rubber bands at night. It’s not that I don’t want to or that they hurt any more than my aligners do already, I just plain forget before bed. Maybe I should set an alarm.

I still have attachments and wearing rubber bands at night, when I remember. There are 5 more months of my treatment plan and the orthodontist monitors me every month. He  has already informed me that I’ll have to wear a retainer at night for the rest of my life, which isn’t so bad because I know teeth move and to prevent that I need to keep them in a retainer.

Check out my Invisalign Treatment Plan at 3 Months, while I’m just smiling on whatever side I want. ☺

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  1. Great blog! Just wondering- how much ipr did they end up doing between your teeth, millimeter wise? Did your teeth seem to have a different shape? And do the elastics help the placement of the jaw, or are they for something else?

    1. Hi Hailey! Thank you.
      The IPR done between my teeth was 10ths of a millimeter–very small. It wasn’t very noticable, only between my front teeth which now (still going through Invisalign) there are no gaps in my teeth and I can honestly say flossing is much eaiser. I haven’t been able to tell if there is a different shape to my teeth, I just LOVE that they are so pretty now.

      The rubber bands are improving my bite, so yes, jaw alignment with my upper and lower teeth. I still am weairng them and it’s usually the longest process.


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