Invisalign Treatment Plan

Man oh, man. It’s been 3 months of my brace face journey and I’m a little over it. There is an extreme dedication in wearing your aligners especially when they are making your teeth hurt. And after this time I saw my orthodontist, I’m not very happy with how my teeth look. Yes, it’s a part of the Invisalign treatment plan, but I guess I wasn’t expecting it.

At my last visit, I got attachments, rubber bands, and what I wasn’t expecting, my teeth shaved; which I’m told the proper name is an interproximal reduction. My teeth/mouth are so sore I couldn’t eat lettuce the other day… LETTUCE!

Each aligner is slightly shifting teeth each month moving and even rotating teeth in position for that perfect smile, this is why there some pain. There is gradual movement happening in each set of aligners. Every 2 weeks my aligners are changed out and the orthodontist sees me every month to make sure I’m on track.

Invisalign Treatment Plan



This is an enamel dental bonding that sticks to your teeth like braces brackets, strategically placed to grasp the teeth and move more effectively. These attachments just click into the Invisalign aligners.

Not all Invisalign procedures include attachments.

Rubber bands:

There are tiny hooks in your aligners (top and bottom) for you to hook a band to the top of your aligner and then stretch it back to the bottom hook.

Interproximal Reduction, a.k.a. Teeth Shaving:

Trimming off a sliver of tooth enamel from selected teeth to have the teeth fit better together.

How my Invisalign treatment plan is going?

Invisalign Treatment PlanWhen I first got attachments, I wasn’t able to take off my aligners. After about 5 minutes of trying I became frustrated and upset, I decided to wait until after work to try again. I got home and was able to wrench them off after 30 minutes of trying. The thought of doing that every time scared me, but it got easier when my teeth fit into my aligners.

Attachments aren’t super noticeable, but I would hate to have them located on my front teeth. You’ll fight food getting stuck between them so remember to brush and they are quite sharp so be careful touching your teeth.

The rubber bands make your mouth sore, but they help with correcting bite issues like mine. My instructions are to wear rubber bands every night and during the day when I can.

I semi-freaked during and after the teeth shaving. First, it’s not a comforting feeling having a saw-like device in your mouth that’s taking part of your tooth for good. Then, I saw it and just couldn’t get over the gap between my front 2 teeth. My orthodontist again had to reassure me that all my teeth needed to be trimmed to make space in my mouth and not have tooth-crowding issues. Invisalign Treatment Plan

At this moment, all my teeth have tiny spaces, including my middle teeth. Uh! I’ve never had a gap between my two front teeth. For so long I have had perfect front teeth after my childhood accident with the bike.

The good news is you can’t see the spaces between my teeth when the aligners are in, and since I have to wear the aligners 22 hours out of the day, it’s not a huge issue. However, I did find myself embarrassed the other day when I went to lunch with people and barely spoke.

I’m unable to notice much progress. As of now, it looks much worse because of all the spacing. Next month, I’ll bring my 3 sets of aligners and exchange them out for 3 more to rotate out through the month. The orthodontist will give me updates of the next step we are taking for my smile – I hope it includes closing the gap!


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