Stop Failing and Start Doing

Fail! The word no one wants to hear and it makes us all feel yucky, but that’s what happened to me. I’m a big whopping failure! I gave up because it was easy and I was tired. The saddest part of my failure, no one cares but me! The most important person’s opinion I value and I took a big dump on it.

So what is it that I failed at? I made a promise to myself to start 5 mornings a week with a workout and to meal prep healthy lunches and dinners. This may not be a big deal to most or even be considered a fail by others, but it’s a big deal to me because working out is my release. It makes me feel good about myself and kicks off my day. I know there is something in your life you have the exact same feeling about like crafting, riding your bike, a weekly meet up spot with your friends, church, something that just helps you unwind and makes you feel good. It’s time to stop failing and start doing!


We’ve all done this. Set a goal, done it for a few days, but then when we don’t see results, have the time, or lack motivation, we give up! We then start to give excuses why we can’t fit the things we like or want to do in our life. It a sick cycle!

Everything is just simpler when we make time to do the things we like because they make us feel good. But I’m literally failing on my end to get my butt out of bed and go to the gym before work. I passed out excuses and hit the snooze alarm like it was my job, only for an extra hour of sleep,

Stop Failing and Start Doing!


You feel good! When you stop giving excuses, you have a better attitude and focus of what you want. When I’m able to go to the gym, I get tons of energy before work and I’m mentally prepared for my day. I’m able to get to work on time and feel more motivated to do a good job. And when I have done my meal prep for the week, I don’t have to starve or spend time in the morning preparing something for lunch and coming home to make dinner.

Making time for the things we enjoy or want to do reflects positively. Have “me” time! What matters to you? What are you making excuses for? How does that make you feel?


For 2 weeks, I didn’t work out consistently. I didn’t make anything for lunch, so then I would have to go out and buy something (usually fast) or just not eat. Then, when I got home I didn’t have dinner made, so I would just eat cereal.

WHY is it so hard to do what we want, but so easy to make the excuse? Because we’re all a little lazy!

I’ve been pinning fit inspiration, but actually getting out there and working to earn that dream body is more difficult. We are all guilty of this. We lack focus and say we can’t when we really could, and no when we should. Giving an excuse is easier than doing it.

Not doing the thing I love is already impacting me mentally and physically. If I keep skipping my morning workouts, I’ll continue to not have the body I want. If I continue to not prepare my healthy meals, I’ll gain weight and spend a lot of money on my weight gain. There are consequences to giving an excuse, are you ready to pay for them? I know I’m not.


I got tired of being a big loser and throwing my pity party, so it was time to stop failing and start doing! Finally, after 2 weeks, I quit making excuses and showed up to the gym. I worked out hard and it was awful! There wasn’t enough water I could drink and (warning: gross stuff) I threw up a little in my mouth. The entire 45 minutes I thought I would pass out, but I was working hard. I stopped making excuses and whipped my butt!

Then, I went to the grocery store and did my shopping for the week. I came home, prepared all my meals, and felt good that I was checking things off my list.


The next day my alarm rang at 5:45 AM and there was no way I was getting out of my bed for the gym. I had another excuse, but this time it was okay because I couldn’t move. My legs were jelly from working out and I couldn’t even bend my legs to get out of my bed. I had killed my quads and bending, squatting, sitting, walking, and anything to do with movement were painful. I wasn’t even able to climb the stairs of my apartment without letting out squeals of pain.

For the next 3 days, I was out of commission. Oops! The bright side, I had prepared my meals and was able to go to work with breakfast and lunch, plus snacks to keep me energized during my day. And when I came home, dinner was already done so I could ice and massage my legs while eating dinner from my Tupperware.


This all happened because I kept putting off the thing I love to do and I paid for it. I made excuses because it was easy and it got me that extra hour of sleep. If I didn’t wait over two weeks to work out, I wouldn’t be feeling the effects of a newb in the gym. Instead, I could have been progressing, and yes maybe sore, but not dropped off a third story building sore.

Having that extra hour of sleep seemed important at the time, but when I look at the big picture it actually seems stupid. Because of the extra hour of sleep before work, it trickled down into my day. I’m now running late and still need to shower, but I can’t blow-dry my hair because there isn’t enough time. I slightly speed to work as I do my makeup in the car. Feeling frazzled as I finally get to my desk, unorganized. The rest of my day I spend huddled at my desk getting things done, and I can’t even fathom going to workout after work. I’m too tired and all I want to do now is go home, eat, walk my pup and go to bed. I’m left feeling just as exhausted as when the day started.

All that for an extra hour of sleep! With my excuse, I paid for it. What excuses are you paying for?

When I don’t make an excuse, I go to the gym an hour before my day starts and I don’t have to rush. I have the energy to make it through my day and I feel so much better that I don’t have to try and fit anything in after work.

I learned it’s easier to make an excuse and there are a million excuses to give every day, but why should I give up the things I like to do? I’m making excuses for my life, but this will never help me with my end result. So how do I stop making excuses? I change my mindset and stop falling into the excuse vortex. You have to keep your mind focused.

I set a goal for my fitness and health and I need to be committed to what I say. Work, responsibilities, life, will always get in the way and everyone should decide what is important to them. Being healthy makes me feel good and that reflects positively in my life. What are you going to stop failing at and start doing?


We can all keep making excuses, but that will only make us weaker mentally and physically. And why would you make excuses for the things you like to do? This is your time to enjoy. Excuses are having a way out and escaping—keep your word! Being dedicated, motivated, and thriving for better are what others look up to. An excuse will just set you back and impact your entire day sometimes. It will leave you thinking ‘I should of’ instead of ‘I did it!’

Get up and do it! Make it happen!

And if you love to workout like me, head over to my fitness page for some mojo to get you on the go-go!

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